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September Gardening Advice & Ideas

Well September is here and already we are noticing shorter days, cooler evenings and the smallest hints of Autumn. This is a good time to give your grass that much needed maintenance, it still needs mowing but now is a good time to clear out any moss or weeds, and give those edges a really good sort out. Take the time now to clear out your borders and tubs and containers.

If you’re wanting to sow some seeds then choose from our list below, these flowers are ideal.

  • Candytuft (grows quite big and best planted at the back of your borders otherwise it may end up hanging over your path and being ruined)
  • Sweet Peas (needs a bit of help to grow in the right direction so consider growing against something and using canes as they grow)
  • Calendula (very colourful try spreading these out a bit)
  • Cat grass seeds (these are a good idea to grow in an area where you don’t mind cats lounging around all day – they are attracted to these flowers, and will eat them. Some people use them to encourage cats away from other areas)
  • Cowslip (quite tall and colourful, again plant at the back or middle of your borders)

You can plant your Spring flowering bulbs now, along with pansies, bellis, polyanthus and primroses. Remember to give these plants a bit of space, nothing looks worse than over crowded borders. And if in Spring you have spaces you can always fill them in with other plants. Don’t plant tulip bulbs at this time, it is best to wait until November when they are less likely to be at risk of Tulip Fire which leaves the leaves scorched looking. In your greenhouse you can grow  cyclamen, pelargonium, schizanthus and strelitzia.

September is a great month for sorting out the shed, repairing fences and cold frames, and just general garden maintenance. If your roses have bloomed and faded now is a good time for some serious deadheading, and the taller stems can be cut back slightly especially if you think they will be exposed to wind. Stem cuttings can be taken in the first week or so of September. Remember they take a about a year to root once placed in the soil.

If you’re lucky enough to still have hanging baskets in bloom then carry on with regular (if not daily in dry weather) watering and removing any faded blooms and keep pests away.

September is the best month to seed a new lawn, or repair your existing lawn. If your lawn is in good condition then you can reduce the amount of times you mow, as grass growth will slow down during this month. You can aerate your lawn and remove dead leaves and debris to give keep it healthy. Our next blog will discuss lawn care and maintenance.

If you’re keen on growing vegetables than our list below highlights the ones to grow this month:

  • Wheatgrass shoots seeds
  • Leaf Salad seeds
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Winter Lettuce seeds
  • Cress Seeds
  • Salad Onion seeds

If you have a pond in your garden with fish in, now would be a good time to give them a high protein feed to prepare them for the Winter. Remove any debris that may have fallen into the pond as if it is left to rot in the water it can increase the chance of lowering the oxygen content and harbour diseases. You may wish to put a net over the top of the pond to stop leaves and debris falling  into your pond. Check your filters and pumps and clean if necessary. If you have a large stock of fish you may wish to syphon off a small quantity of water and replace it with fresh water.

Here at Just Lawnmowers our friendly team are always on hand with latest advice – please check out our next blog where we will discuss the best way to look after your lawn! Or grow a new one! We will also be reviewing 3 leaf blowers.

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Alex is responsible for managing Just Lawnmowers website and blog. When not building websites he spends his time out walking in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside, gardening in his wild, sloping garden or enjoying a game of chess down at his local chess club!

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