Billy Goat Truck Loaders

Billy Goat Truck Loaders are ideal for large scale clean-ups. Vacuum and shred. This debris loader is designed and built for large scale domestic or professional use, to vacuum up leaves and debris, litter, discarded paper plates, paper cups, bottles, plastic forks, cans etc shred them to a manageable size and dump them in a truck, container or similar. This makes it ideal for festivals, visitor attractions, sports grounds or anywhere else needing large scale clean up.

Why buy your Billy Goat Truck Loader from Just Lawnmowers?
We promise your new Billy Goat Truck Loader will be:
  • Unpackaged and assembled by our factory trained staff
  • Started and tested to ensure your Billy Goat arrives ready to go (just include the fuel)
  • Your Billy Goat will then be palletised and dispatched on a premier delivery service, ensuring that your valuable Billy Goat arrives in perfect condition
  • You will be advised on a suitable day / time for delivery
  • Nationwide service is available
  • We will provide you with the best level of service available online