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Agri-Fab Garden Machinery Store

Agri-Fab lawn products are designed for home-owners who want a beautiful lawn and want the job of lawn care to be easy. You can always be sure when purchasing an Agri-Fab lawn care product it's made by people who care. Agri-Fab lawn products will always help make your lawn beautiful and easier to maintain.

Our Opinion - "Agri-Fab are leaders in tow-behind and push-along equipment. They have a great range of trailers, spreaders, sprayers, rollers and more. Everything you need to keep your lawn in tip-top condition."

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Agri-Fab - Lawn care made easier

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About Agri-Fab

Agri-Fab exist as the thriving company they are today thanks to a small group of people who had the faith to believe that a miracle could happen. After the unfortunate closing of a lawn and garden business in 1975 in Sullivan, Illinois, (a small town in mid-America), many individuals put their all into building a new company to encourage the community to thrive. The initial idea was to first develop a more enhanced lawn sweeper. However their design soon went on to surpass all other sweepers on the market, which in turn pushed Agri-Fab to become the industry leader for lawn and garden attachments.

In the late 1980s the regulations on paint usage in the US changed and all manufacturing companies were required to convert from liquid-paint spraying to high-solids paint. After great investigation Agri-Fab installed four powder-coating spray booths which eliminated all air pollution and hazardous waste. Between the late 1980s and the early 1990s Agri-Fab doubled in size and had then doubled again by 1999. In 1987, a 12,500 square foot building was added to the business in order to keep up with the high demand of sweeper sales that had recently doubled. This encouraged Agri-Fab to expand their product line.

Agri-Fab believe their key to success lies in the talented, loyal and hardworking people, first class products, sound operating principles and their huge leap of faith and belief. During peak season Agri-Fab employs nearly 400 people, and Hydro-Gear, who are a division of Agri-Fab’s Holding company employ almost 700 people. Agri-Fab operate an on-site day care centre for the children of its employees, and they continue to donate funds to the community of Sullivan, Illinois.

After 33 years of service, Agri-Fab have fulfilled their original dream of providing employment for their community. Some might say their mission has even been exceeded with a large product line including a variety of tractor attachments.

Their line of groomers consists of spike aerators, plug aerators and dethatchers. Agri-Fab aerators help to loosen compacted soil and allow nutrients to be absorbed into the soil more easily. Agri-Fab produce a variety of dethatchers including one which will attach to most lawn sweepers. Their de-thatchers are used to remove thatch and debris that settle on the ground over time.

Agri-Fab’s main products, lawn sweepers, use rotating brushes to collect debris and then place it into a collection bag which can be emptied or bagged. There are towed and pushed sweepers available. The garden trailers produced by Agri-Fab can come in poly or steel materials and some are ATV and UTV compatible. Agri-Fab’s spreader range consists of a variety of tow and push spreaders, all with a large range of capacities. One spreader is even ATV/UTV compatible. Agri-Fab rollers all vary in size and are made from either steel or poly materials.

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