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Category: Scarifiers & Aerators

Brilliant New Offers To Help Kill Your Lawn Moss

This winter has been one of the wettest winters since 1910. This will have increased your chance of getting lawn moss. We have some great new offers which include the excellent Micronised Lawn Sand Moss Control and Fertilizer to help you kill your garden moss, making it suitable for the summer.

Greenkeeper’s Secrets: The Best Way to Kill Lawn Moss

Have you noticed moss on your lawn? In this post we discuss the reasons why moss could be growing in your garden or on larger turfed areas. We have provided a 6 point lawn care plan to stick to in order to fully rid your lawn of any unwanted moss, rather than using moss killer for it to only return again several months later.

Showcasing Agri-Fab Garden Tractor Accessories (Part 3, Aerators & De-thatchers)

This is the third instalment from our blog series regarding the incredible range of tow-behind garden tractor accessories from Agri-Fab. Agri-Fab have so many exciting products which will turn your garden into the masterpiece that you’ve always dreamed of. This post talks about the Agri-Fab aerators and de-thatchers, and provides additional information about them.

Introducing the Brand New STIHL MM 55 MultiSystem

German manufacturers Stihl, have introduced the brand new MM 55 multi-system. It has 7 available attachments which will transform your garden and make lawn duties an absolute breeze. The attachments available consist of a dethatcher, powersweeper, bristle brush, edge trimmer, bolo tine, pick tine and an aerator. Read more about this fantastic product here.

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