Spring into action this March!

Your garden may look a bit untidy from the recent bad weather and strong winds. But never fear better weather is on the way, longer days and lovely signs of spring, such as crocuses, daffodils, and snowdrops. Here at Just Lawnmowers we are busy updating our website with all the latest gardening equipment to make sure you have everything you need to get your garden in tip top condition. We are also a little bit excited as we have some great special offers to give you even better value for money. So check out our site and see what we can offer you! You will see we offer all the top brands at great prices. (we know our prices are great, we check on our competitors all the time!) If you don’t want to look now, instead why not check through our handy tips for getting your garden ready for spring?

Colourful Spring Garden

Make, mend & repair

Your greenhouse will probably need a good scrub at this time of year. Start by removing any dirt and moss. You can then start washing. You can buy special greenhouse detergent which is safe for using around plants, but you can do just as well by using mild soap and water. I would advise using a soft cloth or a sponge and perhaps a squeegee mop for any hard to reach areas. Your fences, sheds and trellises  may need repairing, and it is better to leave this for when you don’t have a huge list of jobs. If you’re anything like me, once you’ve cleaned the greenhouse it’s then that you notice the patio needs a good scrub as well! To help you in this task we recommend the Stihl RE108 Pressure Washer – cleverly fitted with a trolley and a telescopic handle for easy transport and storage. Detergent can be added to the spray jet to tackle stubborn dirt, meaning your patio will look brand new in no time. Also great for using on other areas of your garden.


This is a great time to organise your shed and greenhouse. This is what I do – get everything out and give it a big sweep! And brush the cobwebs away – sorry spiders! And then only put back the things you need, discarding any broken seed trays, bits of rubbish and remember to keep anything that needs fixing at the front of the shed to remind you! If you think some of your tools are beyond repair you might like to know that alongside the bigger types of gardening equipment we have a broad range of garden hand tools, such as the Wilkinson Sword General Purpose Telescopic Bypass Loppers. This product features  a 40mm cutting capacity, lightweight adjustable aluminium handles, and an extended length of 101cm. This can also be a good time to order your spring bulbs ready for planting. Lots of websites have special offers and some give free delivery, so it is good to take your time to look around. However if you like to see before you buy, then a trip to your local garden centre is a must.

Oil, sharpen & clean

Now is the time to make sure all your tools and equipment are in good working order. If you are local you can always ring us if anything needs a service or repair. Call us at Just Lawnmowers on 01263 820202. Give your tools a clean, they last longer and work better if they are cleaned regularly. We have a great range of hand tools if  you discover you are missing something or your garden has evolved and you need some more equipment.

Install a water butt

If you don’t already have a water butt, consider that rainwater is better for your plants than tap water, and you are saving money and the planet at the same time! Tap water can be slightly alkaline, bad news for plants such as Camellias and Rhododendrons. However a quick fix to this problem is to leave your watering cans full of tap water outside over night, the bad bits in the water such as chlorine will evaporate. Think of it like getting your water ready in advance for the next day! Water butts should be positioned underneath a downpipe next to your house, that way you can take advantage of every drop of rain. Water butts are inexpensive and easy to install. They usually come with a tap, but most gardeners are content to fill up their watering can from the top. The cost of a basic water butt with a tap costs from about £20.  A worthy investment in our opinion!

I hope you enjoyed this handy guide, be sure to pop back and see our blog next week when we will be giving you the lowdown on our most popular lawn mowers!

Alex is responsible for managing Just Lawnmowers website and blog. When not building websites he spends his time out walking in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside, gardening in his wild, sloping garden or enjoying a game of chess down at his local chess club!
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