Using a Two-Stroke Machine

10th July 2015

Ever wondered what the difference is between using a two-stroke machine and a four-stroke machine? There are many misconceptions about what the differences actually are and what type is best for you. Two-stroke engines require the fuel and oil (for lubrication) to be mixed together. This means that there will be no oil inlet on the […]

Garden Machinery Discount (Voucher) Code

2nd November 2011

Our garden machinery discount voucher code has been extended until 29th Februrary 2012 – Save up to £50.00 on all purchases over £299.00

Lawnmower Manual (Haynes Home and Garden)

9th June 2011

This Haynes lawnmower manual presents the dismantling, overhaul and re-assembly of each mower engine in a logical sequence with step-by-step photographs.

Lawnmower Spares Parts and Consumables Now Available Online

31st May 2011

Our sister company, Anglia Mowers has just launched a lawnmower and garden machinery spares, parts and consumables shop on its website.

Honda Izy Troubleshooting Guide

22nd March 2011

Honda Izy Troubleshooting Guide: This guide is designed to help you to get your new Honda Izy lawnmower up and running quickly.

How to Make Your Petrol Mower Start First Time

15th February 2011

How to Make Your Petrol Mower Start First Time: Spring is on its way and your lawn mower has probably been tucked away in the garage for several months now.