Garden Machinery Discount (Voucher) Code

2nd November 2011

Our garden machinery discount voucher code has been extended until 29th Februrary 2012 – Save up to £50.00 on all purchases over £299.00

Topiary in the Garden: How to Clip, Train and Shape Plants

5th July 2011

Topiary in the Garden: Looks at the essential ideas associated with topiary design and is full of practical advice on how to create topiary in the garden.

Compost: How to Make – How to Use – Everyday Tips

5th July 2011

Composting is one of the easiest ways you can prevent rubbish from going to landfill, return nutrients to the soil and treat your gardens.

Seventy Years of Garden Machinery

21st June 2011

Seventy Years of Garden Machinery: a history of garden machinery over the past seventy years, this book is an updated version of ’50 Years of Garden Machinery’

Lawnmowers and Grasscutters: A Complete Guide

21st June 2011

“Lawnmowers and Grasscutters – A Complete Guide” charts their fascinating history from the horse drawn contraptions of the past to the robot mowers of today.

The Essential Allotment Guide: How to Get the Best out of Your Plot

21st June 2011

The Essential Allotment Guide: How to Get the Best out of Your Plot… Get the best out of your allotment and enjoy the taste of real food by John Harrison.

Vegetable Growing Month-by-Month

21st June 2011

Vegetable Growing Month-by-Month: Takes you through the vegetable year. Whatever the size of your garden or allotment, you can grow your own vegetables.

Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Pests and Problems

21st June 2011

Alan Titchmarsh tackles pests, diseases and other gardening problems in this up-to-date guide from the BBC ‘How to Garden’ series.

Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Pruning and Training

21st June 2011

Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Pruning and Training deals with the basic skills that every gardener needs to know and understand.

The Art of the Lawn: Mowing Patterns to Make Your Lawn a Work of Art

14th June 2011

A collection of over 15 dramatic designs for your lawn ranging from the straightforward to the spectacular; guaranteed to leave your neighbours green with envy.