3 Great Garden Tractors for Summer 2018

MTD 96 Side-Discharge Lawn Tractor
25th June 2018

Thinking of thinking outside the box? We did! And we found 3 great garden tractors from not-so-well-known brands… Hello and welcome back to our blog after a bit of a break! As always we are super busy here at Just Lawnmowers, but today I put “write blog” on the top of my (never ending) list! […]

2 Cobra Petrol Multi-Tools

24th January 2017

The end of January gives us slightly longer days, more growth in our garden and some exceedingly frosty mornings! Depending on whereabouts in the country you are, you may well have experienced some of those lovely crisp winter days, where there is a nip in the air but the sky is bright blue – reminiscent […]

3 Great Cobra Battery Powered Cordless Lawn Mowers

18th January 2017

Buying a new lawnmower can be a tricky business. With so many brands and different types to choose from, where on earth do you start? If you’ve landed at our blog, chances are you are prepared to do your homework, and for that we salute you! Getting your purchase right from the very beginning can […]

Why buy a Cobra lawn mower?

16th January 2017

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our website you’ll already know we have quite a few carefully selected new products for you. We like to keep things fresh here at Just Lawnmowers, and although we are always drawn to our favourite brands, that doesn’t mean we are not keeping our eye on new products […]

5 Top Petrol Blowers for Autumn 2016

26th September 2016

Can it really be that we have just had our first day of Autumn? Some of you avid gardeners out there may be dreading the onslaught of wet and windy weather conditions. Coupled with the endless dropping of leaves in your lovely post-summer, neat and tidy garden. You are probably already wondering how you can […]

Introducing the new Stihl Cordless COMPACT range

22nd June 2016

Let us introduce you to four brand new products from Stihl. Working on the concept that lithium-ion battery power is just as powerful as petrol, Stihl have cleverly designed four very compact easy to use machines, that still retain their full powerful capabilities. Designed with the everyday gardener in mind, Stihl presents you with their […]

The All New EGO Power+ 56V Lawn Mowers

16th May 2016

Ego cordless lawn mowers – Power beyond belief Ego lawn mowers offer unrivalled power in the form of a 56v battery – the industry’s first ever 56v battery that will power your lawn mower and all the other garden machinery in the range, charging up in just 30 minutes. The batteries range from 2Ah to 7.5Ah. […]

Grass and Lawn Care In April

12th April 2016

If the month of April lives up to her reputation, then the recent showers across the country will be here to stay. Great news for your grass, but perhaps a bit more work for you! This is a great time to put some seed down if your lawn is looking a bit weathered. Over seeding can […]

We have Lift Off! New Dedicated Cordless Garden Tools Website Live!

Cordless Power Logo
12th April 2016

Here at Calgary Just Companies we are super excited at the launch of our brand new website, www.cordlesspower.co.uk. At last, all our cordless products are in one place, ready for you to browse at your leisure, safe in the knowledge that we have used our extensive industry knowledge to present you with only the very best cordless […]

Spring Lawn Care – Scarifying for Spring – Dori Scarifier with FREE Lawn Sand

1st April 2016

Keeping your garden lawn in good condition isn’t just about watering and mowing. Giving your lawn regular maintenance will keep it in tip top condition all year round. While the majority of us enjoy a garden that is mostly given over to lawn, not everyone realises that there are loads of products out there to […]