Looking after your Pond during those colder months

19th February 2016

February can often feel like the coldest month of Winter, and although we may take steps to prepare ourselves for the Winter months we mustn’t forget that we can take steps to ensure the longevity of our ponds and their contents during this time as well. You must ensure the water remains at an appropriate level, keep checking and top up as necessary, remember shallow water will freeze easier and quicker than deeper water, so now is the time to ensure that your water in your pond is as deep as possible. A pond heater can heat up a small enough area to keep it ice free to allow access to vital oxygen and to let harmful gasses from the pond to be released. Pond heaters can be anything from 150 watts up to 2kw, which one you buy will depend on the size of your pond and how much money you wish to spend.

Remember your fish are likely to be hibernating at the bottompond-willow of the pond at this time, so do not worry if you don’t see them! During hibernation their digestive systems “shut down” therefore they do not require feeding, eating at this time will be very bad for their health.

Towards the end of February it would be a good idea to test the water, just purchase a a pond test kit from your local garden centre – any problems with your water needed to dealt with as soon as possible to ensure the problems does not get worse.

February is also a good month to dig a new pond, the RHS recommends that at the deepest point your pond should be is at least 2 ft to reduce the risk of freezing. If you have children visiting your garden, a grille covering is an absolute must. Children are naturally curious around water, and 40% of child drownings are due to garden ponds. If you think aesthetics are as important as safety, why not get something bespoke make up? You will need to consider the nature of your pond and ensure you allow access to wildlife.

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