How can I keep my garden healthy while I am away on holiday?

28th July 2017

Away on holidayHere at Just Lawnmowers we are experiencing our busiest time of the year, but if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on holiday in the next couple of months you may be wondering how your garden will fare while you are away? Here we have some handy tips to ensure your garden looks as good on your return as it did when you left.

You don’t need to come home to an overgrown lawn, dead flowers and washed out shrubs. With a bit of TLC and come clever gardening tricks you can relax on holiday knowing that you have taken the right steps to ensure your garden remains nice and healthy.

Lawn care

Lawn MowingGet your lawn mower out and give your lawn a nice short mow, get the shears out and trim around the edges. Ideally do this as close to the day you leave, so the day before if possible. If you usually use a garden trimmer to get up to those edges and borders do that on the day before you go as well. Cutting your lawn as short as possible is a good idea as your lawn grows so quickly at this time of year. The combination of hot days and rainy days means your lawn needs regular mowing. Whilst you are hard at work with your shears this is a good opportunity to pull out any weeds from your borders and beds. Collect up any grass that you have cut with the shears, as this will look untidy otherwise.

Flower care

Pick off any dead dried up flower heads. Remove any faded or dead flowers. In most cases you can just use your fingers but for things like roses you will definitely need a pair of secateurs. This is another good chance to pick out weeds or stray grass that has sprung up in your beds or borders.

Hanging baskets

hanging basketHanging baskets are usually the most vulnerable to sun – therefore it may be a good idea to hang them somewhere they will get more shade, otherwise they may dry out before you get home. Obviously you need to put them somewhere where they will still get rained on. You can stand them somewhere while you are away on holiday, or if you have someone reliable to water them you may consider leaving them where they are. Be careful if you do move them though, this could be an obvious sign that you are away on holiday,to any potential burglars!


Feed your plants sufficiently before you leave and remember to water plenty after you have fertilized them, unless you are sure of plenty of rain. You can buy slow release fertilizer from your local garden centre and this might be a good option. Always read the instructions before you use it though, you may need to water regularly and this might not be an option for you unless you have someone coming to water for you. You can take this opportunity to ensure you have no pests or greenfly on your plants, if you do it is better to take action now, rather than leave it.

Getting your neighbours involved

If you have nice friendly neighbours who enjoy gardening then maybe you can ask them to pop over and water your garden for you while you are away. Make sure you leave everything they need in places that are easy to find (make sure your watering can is near the source of water, whether that is the outside tap or the water butt). And either tell them to help themselves to some of your garden produce or promise a present on your return! Some neighbours may need paying but that will be up to you. If you are asking your neighbours to water your tubs and pots it might be a good idea to group them together in a shady spot, therefore it will make watering them easier and they are less likely to get forgotten or left out. Being in a shady spot will mean they need less watering so if something goes wrong with your arrangements they will have a higher chance of survival while you are away.

Lock up

Now would be a good time to check all your locks and padlocks are secure. Make sure you haven’t locked the neighbours cat in your greenhouse and make sure all your tools and garden machinery is carefully put away and locked in a shed or garage. If you have made arrangements for your neighbour to pop over and water your garden make sure they have a contact number for you so they can let you know if the arrangements can’t be adhered to, giving you the chance to make other plans.

So now all that is left is for you to pack and jet off on your holiday, safe in the knowledge that you have done everything you can to ensure your garden remains as healthy as possible whilst you are away!

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