Gardening Jobs for May

30th April 2015

May is a very important month when it comes to gardening. The temperature is slowly rising and summer is fast approaching, meaning that now is the time to be setting up your lawn and garden in preparation for the busiest season ahead. There are many gardening jobs for May that can be performed to encourage a more healthy looking garden and make your work load much easier over the next few months.

Honda-HRH-536-QX-Web3First things first, you should be mowing your lawn at least once a week. Lawnmowers can struggle from cutting grass that is too long, which can leave damaging effects for your grass growth. Regular mowing with a good lawnmower will keep the grass healthy and encourage it to grow faster and stronger. To view our full range of lawnmowers please click here.

With the warmer weather you can start planting your summer bedding. Plants such as petunias and marigolds should be more than safe outside as long as there are no dangers of frost. Before you plant anything, dig over the ground and remove any weeds first. You could even give the bedding plants a soak with water and then plant them. When buying plants, look for ones that are green and bushy with plenty of flower buds, rather than open blooms.

images (1)May is the best month to start controlling your unwanted garden weeds. The warmer weather not only encourages plant and grass growth, but weeds will begin thriving too. Catch the weeds whilst they’re still small by hoeing borders and veg gardens once a week. Paths, drives and patios can be kept weed free by spraying with a path weedkiller. Many of these prevent weeds returning for several months after they are applied. Perennial weeds will re-grow from the root if you just kill the leaves. Eventually they will weaken over time if you hoe regularly, but trying to dig out the roots and spray them with a weed killer containing glyphosate are better alternatives.

Aretxabaleta-apts-and-garden-4618There’s plenty of things to be done in your veg gardens in May. Artichokes, Brussels sprouts, celery, courgettes, pumpkins, squash, sweetcorn and tomatoes can all be planted outdoors. You can sow beetroot, carrots, cauliflowers, chicory, cucumbers, French beans, kohlrabi, pumpkins, runner beans, salads, spring onions, sprouting broccoli, squash, swedes and sweetcorn all outdoors. If you have emerging shoots of potatoes it is best to cover them with soil to help prevent light reaching the tubers.

1111130WEvergreen hedges such as lonicera, box and yew can all be trimmed this time of year. It will ensure that all edges look crisp and neat. Small hedges should be trimmed with shears. We have a great new range of Wilkinson Sword hand shears available, like these general purpose hedge shears which would be a great choice. Larger hedges are best to be left and trimmed with a hedge trimmer. To see our range of hedge trimmers, please click here.

If you’re uncertain about anything, or would like further details, then call our highly experienced sales team now on 01263 820202 for helpful, friendly advice.

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