Honda 56V Cordless Garden Multi Tools – Summary & Review

Honda cordless garden tools
4th March 2016

Honda 56V Cordless Garden Multi Tools Be ready for anything that nature throws your way with the brand new selection of 56v Cordless garden multi tools from Honda. With an extensive list of new features coupled with Honda’s commitment to providing you with robust and powerful garden machinery, we present you with a range of cordless […]

Invest in the Mountfield Cordless Freedom 48 Range

1st September 2015

Have you thought about investing in the Mountfield Freedom 48 range yet? It’s a fantastic range of cordless products which all share the same battery and charger, and deliver the exquisite performance of a petrol machine but with the convenience of being cordless. Why is the Freedom 48 range so excellent you ask? Well, once […]

Using a Two-Stroke Machine

10th July 2015

Ever wondered what the difference is between using a two-stroke machine and a four-stroke machine? There are many misconceptions about what the differences actually are and what type is best for you. Two-stroke engines require the fuel and oil (for lubrication) to be mixed together. This means that there will be no oil inlet on the […]

Maintaining Your Brush Cutter

21st May 2015

With the warm summer fast approaching, there are plenty of jobs to be done in the garden this spring. One of many that jumps to mind is brush cutting. Brush cutting any unwanted long grasses can often be the difference between a looked after lawn, and a luxury, highly sought after garden. That’s why maintaining your brush […]

Brand New Stiga Brushcutter Range

6th May 2015

With a fantastic brand new Stiga brushcutter range available, you can be sure that your garden is going to look the best it’s ever looked this summer. Grass trimmers (strimmers) and brushcutters are one of the most useful tools for a domestic or commercial gardener to have. Trimmers are absolutely crucial for creating a perfectly neat lawn […]

New Cordless Professional System From Bosch

13th January 2015

Bosch are one of the markets leading suppliers of high quality, electric and cordless garden tools for domestic gardeners. They’ve had an enormous impact on the industry for cordless machines with lithium-ion batteries. Now, Bosch are taking it one-step further and entering a new market, catering for professional users. With the launch of four new fantastic […]

Brush Cutting Made Easier With Greenworks Battery Power

1st July 2014

Brush cutting is made easier with the new Greenwork’s collection. In the past petrol brush cutters have been the most popular option for domestic gardeners, but with enhanced Lithium-Ion technology the new Greenworks brush cutters are the way forward.

Top 5 Low-Budget High-Quality Brushcutters for 2014

29th April 2014

With May just around the corner it is time to start tidying your lawns edges, corners, and taming long grasses and bushes. So here is our list of our Top 5 brushcutters which are ideal for sprucing up gardens during the 2014 season.

Exclusive Deals for the Bosch Cordless Range

27th February 2014

View our latest offers and deals that we have available for the Bosch Rotak 43 Li Ergoflex cordless lawn mower. We have four deals available which will save you money, equip you for spring/summer season, and utilise your use of the two batteries that come with the Rotak 43 Li.

Exciting New Garden Machinery Range From Hyundai

18th October 2013

We have an exciting new garden machinery range from Hyundai. Hyundai are well known for their portable generator range at affordable prices. The new products include lawnmowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, brushcutters and pressure washers. All feature high quality features and are at an affordable price. Any discerning home-owner would be mad to miss out!