3 Great Garden Tractors for Summer 2018

MTD 96 Side-Discharge Lawn Tractor
25th June 2018

Thinking of thinking outside the box? We did! And we found 3 great garden tractors from not-so-well-known brands… Hello and welcome back to our blog after a bit of a break! As always we are super busy here at Just Lawnmowers, but today I put “write blog” on the top of my (never ending) list! […]

5 Side-Discharge / Mulching Garden Tractors for Summer 2017

MTD 96 Side-Discharge Lawn Tractor
14th July 2017

Well it looks like Summer is in full swing so if you can drag yourselves away from your Pimms on the lawn or that obligatory game of croquet with the in-laws then we want to tell you why your lawn could benefit from buying a side discharge garden tractor. Some ride-on mowers collect the grass […]

5 Top Quality Low Priced Rear Collecting Garden Tractors For 2017

4th July 2017

If you are in the market for a new lawn tractor and have decided that you will collect the grass clippings, then a rear collecting garden tractor is the way to go. These tractors will collect up the grass clippings into a collection bag as you mow, which you then empty, either by a lever, […]

What do I need to know before I buy a garden tractor?

30th June 2017

Garden tractors are now more popular than ever, and that could be because they are now more affordable than ever before or it could be because the latest designs means they are suitable for more compact gardens. Once you’ve used a garden tractor you will never want to return to your trusty lawnmower. Easier to […]

3 New Garden Machines for 2017

13th January 2017

Well 2016 was quite a year, we “quietly” introduced you to Lithium-Ion battery technology and we expertly guided you through the myriad of different lawn mowers and various other types of garden machinery. We gave you our expert opinions on battery, petrol and electric. We even launched a new website “cordlesspower.co.uk” which has just gone […]

Grass and Lawn Care In April

12th April 2016

If the month of April lives up to her reputation, then the recent showers across the country will be here to stay. Great news for your grass, but perhaps a bit more work for you! This is a great time to put some seed down if your lawn is looking a bit weathered. Over seeding can […]

Five Tractors We Recommend This Season

19th May 2015

If you’re sick and tired of working up a sweat pushing your lawn mower around your garden, emptying grass boxes every few meters, and loosing those precious hours on your days off, then keep reading! We’ve chosen our top five tractors we recommend this season for first time owners and those who already have a […]

How to Choose the Right Lawn Tractor

13th May 2014

Read this post to gain an insight into garden tractors. If you need advice on how to choose the correct lawn tractor for you then look no further. Here we explain some vital differences between different ride on mowers.

Advantages of a Front-Deck Mower

28th May 2013

Ever wondered what’s so great about front-deck ride-on lawnmowers? Well look no further! Here we explain some of the main advantages of front-mounted garden riders and what makes them different to mid-mounted lawn riders.

Showcasing Agri-Fab Garden Tractor Accessories (Part 4, Remaining Accessories)

16th April 2013

This is the final instalment from our blog series regarding the incredible range of tow-behind garden tractor accessories from Agri-Fab. Agri-Fab have so many exciting products which will turn your garden into the masterpiece that you’ve always dreamed of. This post talks about the remaining Agri-Fab products, including rollers, sweepers, chemical sprayers, mowers, and the master platform.