Cylinder mowers – advantages and disadvantages of owning a cylinder lawnmower

Information and Benefits of Cylinder Mowers

The classic luxury grade lawns are on the whole cut with cylinder mowers as they can potentially give an excellent even cut. Cylinder mowers have a cylinder that has a number of blades that spiral around it. As the cylinder rotates the grass blades are forced between the spinning cylinder blades and fixed straight cutting blade. This gives a ‘scissor like’ cutting action and provided that your mower blades are in good condition and aligned correctly the cut will be of very good quality.

Standard cylinder mowers are fitted with either a 5 or 6 blade unit, these are suited to the busier homeowner that can only cut their grass every week to 10 days. The 5-6 bladed unit is also very useful when the grass gets a bit long ie when back from holiday etc. Cylinder mowers with around 10-12 blades are paramount if you wish to turn your garden into more of an ornamental luxury lawn. The 10-12 bladed cylinder mowers are the only option if you require the best possible finish. The number of blades that spiral around the cylinder determine the quality of the mowing finish. “The more blades the better the cut”

The width of the cylinder can vary, a wider cylinder will mean fewer trips back and forth when mowing but this must be balanced against how easy the lawn mower is to maneuver. A wider cylinder will make the machine bulkier and heavier and so turning corners will be more difficult.

Self propelled cylinder mowers use a power source to propel themselves forward as well as to turn the blades. This can save the operator a lot of energy as little effort is required to maneuver the mower around the lawn. Therefore self-propelled mowers are definitely worth considering for medium to large lawns. You can even now purchase petrol cylinder mowers with electric start* ( *engine has a alternator that charges battery when engine is running), this option is now becoming very popular as you simply turn the key to start, however you still have the pull start for backup.

All cylinder mowers have a rear roller to give the best ‘striped effect’. Cylinder mowers come with a grass box that attaches to the machine and collects the grass clippings as you mow which can save the job of raking up the clippings.

You can buy both petrol and electric cylinder mowers. Electric cylinder mowers are ideal for the smaller garden where length of lead is not a factor. However for the the larger formal garden a petrol cylinder mower will be required.

Disadvantages of a cylinder mower

Cylinder lawn mowers are best suited to flat uniform and stone free lawns. If your lawn is quite bumpy or contains rough long grass, then you should avoid a cylinder mower as they will not handle these types of lawns very well. Small children and pets can be a nuisance as they invariably leave stones or objects on the lawn that will damaged the cutting system. You must be committed to mowing when the grass is ready, not whenever you get around to it. And unless you don’t mind the extra work of raking up twigs beforehand, don’t use cylinder lawn mowers for large areas with lots of trees, since you can’t ride roughshod over twigs and stones as you can with standard mowers.

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