3 Great Garden Tractors for Summer 2018

MTD 96 Side-Discharge Lawn Tractor
25th June 2018

Thinking of thinking outside the box? We did! And we found 3 great garden tractors from not-so-well-known brands… Hello and welcome back to our blog after a bit of a break! As always we are super busy here at Just Lawnmowers, but today I put “write blog” on the top of my (never ending) list! […]

5 Side-Discharge / Mulching Garden Tractors for Summer 2017

MTD 96 Side-Discharge Lawn Tractor
14th July 2017

Well it looks like Summer is in full swing so if you can drag yourselves away from your Pimms on the lawn or that obligatory game of croquet with the in-laws then we want to tell you why your lawn could benefit from buying a side discharge garden tractor. Some ride-on mowers collect the grass […]

5 Top Quality Low Priced Rear Collecting Garden Tractors For 2017

4th July 2017

If you are in the market for a new lawn tractor and have decided that you will collect the grass clippings, then a rear collecting garden tractor is the way to go. These tractors will collect up the grass clippings into a collection bag as you mow, which you then empty, either by a lever, […]

What do I need to know before I buy a garden tractor?

30th June 2017

Garden tractors are now more popular than ever, and that could be because they are now more affordable than ever before or it could be because the latest designs means they are suitable for more compact gardens. Once you’ve used a garden tractor you will never want to return to your trusty lawnmower. Easier to […]

Top ten budget lawn mowers for Summer 2017

26th June 2017

Well the hot weather has not lasted in our part of the country, but today the sun is out and the birds are singing so we can’t or rather shouldn’t complain much. Here in Norfolk we are gearing up for the show of the year, that is, The Royal Norfolk Show, where everything that is […]

Lawnmowers – Hot deals & best selling mowers summer 2017

Honda Izy HRG 416 PK Petrol Lawn Mower
15th June 2017

Hello and welcome back to our Just Lawnmowers blog – sorry for the break but we’ve been so busy this year – and perhaps we can put some of that extra ‘busy-ness’ down to the fantastic weather we are having here on the North Norfolk coast! And of course, without blowing our own trumpets – […]

2 Cobra Petrol Multi-Tools

24th January 2017

The end of January gives us slightly longer days, more growth in our garden and some exceedingly frosty mornings! Depending on whereabouts in the country you are, you may well have experienced some of those lovely crisp winter days, where there is a nip in the air but the sky is bright blue – reminiscent […]

Why Buy a Honda 4-Stroke Hedge Trimmer?

Honda Hedge Trimmers
11th January 2017

January can be all kinds of things, freezing cold, wet, frosty, snowy, windy, mild, sunny. But one thing you can be sure of – there won’t be much you can do for your garden during this month. It is of course a great time to be making repairs to your outbuildings, cleaning out your green […]

Top Chainsaws – Petrol, Electric or Battery?

Efco 132S 12" Professional Chainsaw
4th January 2017

Firstly, on behalf of all the staff here at Just Lawnmowers we would like to wish our customers new and old a Very Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! Here’s to 2017! So it might be January and your garden may look windswept and dried up, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any jobs to […]

5 Top Petrol Blowers for Autumn 2016

26th September 2016

Can it really be that we have just had our first day of Autumn? Some of you avid gardeners out there may be dreading the onslaught of wet and windy weather conditions. Coupled with the endless dropping of leaves in your lovely post-summer, neat and tidy garden. You are probably already wondering how you can […]