Top Gardening Safety Tips
Advice and Tips , Safety Guides / 3rd February 2017

If you think we’re all about selling garden machinery, look again! You might have noticed by now that we are passionate about our products, but we also know a thing or two about gardening. This weeks blog will give you all the information you need to make sure you operate your garden machinery with the optimum of safety. This information is compiled in conjunction with our top brands wise words of advice and our own wealth of experience in handling garden machinery. All types of outdoor work come with their own unique problems and issues of safety. But if you adhere to the manufacturer’s advice on how to use their machines in safety and take their advice on safety equipment and clothes you should be able to stay safe while you work. So read on for our top safety tips! Hedge trimming top safety tips The number one rule in using any garden machinery whether it is petrol, electric or petrol powered is always read the manufacturer’s advice booklet that comes with your machine. The manufacturers know their products better than anyone so you know you can trust in the manual! Here at Just Lawnmowers we believe that you should…

Lawn Mowing: Top 7 Safety Tips
Advice and Tips , Safety Guides / 29th July 2016

Lawn mowing: it’s a familiar experience that some find mundane, and others, a serene and tranquil pastime. Whatever your opinion, it’s an essential bit of maintenance if you have a garden. For some, however, a day in the garden can result in injury if the right precautions aren’t taken. With around 300,000 people every year suffering serious injuries as a result of gardening accidents, every green-fingered mower should make sure to take care. Whether you’re a lawn pattern pro or the owner of a more basic push mower, following some of our essential safety tips could help you stay unscathed in the garden. Avoid wet conditions We’ve all been there: the lawn’s been neglected for a while, it’s your only opportunity to treat it to a much-needed chop, and it’s raining outside. While it may be tempting to give the garden a quick once-over, it’s best to steer well clear. Mowing in wet conditions forces grass to stick to the underside of the mower,which can clog up the rotary deck – a nightmare for those steering something a little heftier, like a ride-on mower. But it isn’t just your precious mower that’ll be put through the motions, the grass will clump…

Lawn Mower Safety tips

Lawn mowers can be dangerous and can cause serious injury if not used properly. Become familiar with the mower you intend to use and use good judgement and be safety-minded. The following post includes some safety guidelines we have put together to ensure you finish any mowing job safely. Have a great summer and “Happy mowing!”

How To: Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Guide
Advice and Tips , Chainsaws , How To , Safety Guides / 28th February 2012

Hand-sharpening your chainsaw chain can be a bit of a daunting task for the first time, it is essential that you follow this guide to ensure that you sharpen it correctly. A sharp chain is definitely essential for an efficient working saw. This 13 steps how-to-guide will lead you through the process of sharpening your chainsaw chain.