How to sow a lawn from seed

5th September 2017

If you want a perfect lawn but don’t want to break the bank then you can sow your own! This is called seeding a lawn, and there is really only one way to do it successfully. Follow our handy guide and you should see excellent results in no time at all. The first thing to […]

Spring Lawn Care – Scarifying for Spring – Dori Scarifier with FREE Lawn Sand

1st April 2016

Keeping your garden lawn in good condition isn’t just about watering and mowing. Giving your lawn regular maintenance will keep it in tip top condition all year round. While the majority of us enjoy a garden that is mostly given over to lawn, not everyone realises that there are loads of products out there to […]

Looking after your Pond during those colder months

19th February 2016

February can often feel like the coldest month of Winter, and although we may take steps to prepare ourselves for the Winter months we mustn’t forget that we can take steps to ensure the longevity of our ponds and their contents during this time as well. You must ensure the water remains at an appropriate […]

Prepare your garden for Spring

12th February 2016

What can we do to this February to tempt you from the comfort of your log fire and your sumptuous sofa? Not much you will probably reply! Those first snowdrops appear as a slightly premature warning of the impending Spring season, but they certainly do not signal the end of Winter. If, like us your lawn […]

Handy Hedge Trimming Tips

26th May 2015

Last week we brought to you some brush cutter maintenance tips, today we bring you some of the most helpful, handy hedge trimming tips to transform how you cut your hedges for a much healthier looking, eye pleasing end result. Trimming hedges is not as easy as a casual stroll in the park. It requires […]

Maintaining Your Brush Cutter

21st May 2015

With the warm summer fast approaching, there are plenty of jobs to be done in the garden this spring. One of many that jumps to mind is brush cutting. Brush cutting any unwanted long grasses can often be the difference between a looked after lawn, and a luxury, highly sought after garden. That’s why maintaining your brush […]

Mowing your Lawn – Advice and Tips

3rd April 2014

Here’s some advice and tips on how to correctly mow your lawn and look after your lawn mower. This guide will give you some basic information to maintain your machine for lasting quality performance. It will also explain how to correctly mow your lawn so that no damage will occur.

Routine Lawn Care – Mowing Tips

1st July 2013

A lawn mowing routine to keep your grass healthy and well maintained. We provide how to’s when creating a striped effect and provide advise for when it comes to different types of grass and lawns. If this routine is followed then your garden will be kept in great condition all year round.

How to Repair a Damaged Lawn

17th June 2013

Find out the most simple and effective way of repairing lawn damage. We explain how to repair lawn edge damage as well as lawn patch damage.

Are You Prepared For Summer?

20th May 2013

Here we discuss the garden duties which should be completed before the end of May for full preparation of summers arrival. This includes a lawn mowing routine which is essential to follow, edging your lawn, planting flower beds, trimming hedges, and starting off the vegetable garden. We include a chart displaying the ideal dates to plant and sow seeds.