September Gardening Advice & Ideas

30th August 2017

Well September is here and already we are noticing shorter days, cooler evenings and the smallest hints of Autumn. This is a good time to give your grass that much needed maintenance, it still needs mowing but now is a good time to clear out any moss or weeds, and give those edges a really […]

How can I make the most of my small garden?

2nd August 2017

Well apart from telling you that you can still grow a very wide range of plants, flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and even trees in a small garden we thought it might be handy to give you a few ideas if you’re feeling a bit lacking in enthusiasm with your smaller than average garden. Firstly pots, […]

Honda Izy Lawn Mowers with FREE mower care kit (worth £29.95)

15th March 2016

Purchase a Honda Izy Lawn Mower from Just Lawnmowers and receive a free Honda Izy lawnmower care kit worth £29.95. This must-have kit contains only genuine Honda accessories! What’s Included? Honda Service kit (spark plug, air filter & 0.6 litres 4-stroke oil) Honda gardening gloves Honda Fuel stabiliser An extra bottle of Honda engine oil (0.6 litres) Whether […]

Looking after your Pond during those colder months

19th February 2016

February can often feel like the coldest month of Winter, and although we may take steps to prepare ourselves for the Winter months we mustn’t forget that we can take steps to ensure the longevity of our ponds and their contents during this time as well. You must ensure the water remains at an appropriate […]

Prepare your garden for Spring

12th February 2016

What can we do to this February to tempt you from the comfort of your log fire and your sumptuous sofa? Not much you will probably reply! Those first snowdrops appear as a slightly premature warning of the impending Spring season, but they certainly do not signal the end of Winter. If, like us your lawn […]

Invest in the Mountfield Cordless Freedom 48 Range

1st September 2015

Have you thought about investing in the Mountfield Freedom 48 range yet? It’s a fantastic range of cordless products which all share the same battery and charger, and deliver the exquisite performance of a petrol machine but with the convenience of being cordless. Why is the Freedom 48 range so excellent you ask? Well, once […]

Achieve Your Very Own Wimbledon Standard Lawn

2nd July 2015

For all you Wimbledon fans out there, you probably stare at the screen in awe of their fantastically nurtured lawn and wonder how you can achieve your very own Wimbledon standard lawn. The Wimbledon lawn is one of Britain’s finest traditions and over £400 million is spent on making it as spectacular as it is every single year. Head […]

Controlling Aphids

14th May 2015

What are Aphids? Aphids are small sap-sucking insects that are highly destructive to cultivated plants in temperate regions. They range in size from 1mm to 7mm and are also known as plant lice, green-flies, black-flies, or white-flies. Despite these names there are some species of aphids which are pink, yellow or mottled in colour. In […]

Improving Clay Soils

8th May 2015

Clay soil can be quite a challenge for growing plants and for gardeners. However improving clay soils can be done if you follow these tips. Identifying clay soil: Clay soil is any type of soil which has a high percentage of clay particles in it. Clays will feel slightly sticky and dense, but they will also […]

Gardening Jobs for May

30th April 2015

May is a very important month when it comes to gardening. The temperature is slowly rising and summer is fast approaching, meaning that now is the time to be setting up your lawn and garden in preparation for the busiest season ahead. There are many gardening jobs for May that can be performed to encourage a more […]