Achieve Your Very Own Wimbledon Standard Lawn

2nd July 2015

For all you Wimbledon fans out there, you probably stare at the screen in awe of their fantastically nurtured lawn and wonder how you can achieve your very own Wimbledon standard lawn.

The Wimbledon lawn is one of Britain’s finest traditions and over £400 million is spent on making it as spectacular as it is every single year.

Head Groundsman, Eddie Seaward says the main priority regarding the lawn is the consistency of the bounce, and ensuring that the ground under the grass roots is completely firm.

The Wimbledon courts are now sown with 100% perennial ryegrass of the finest quality and looked after by 16 – 30 professional groundsmen.

Of course… the average domestic home-owner is  not going to be able to spend millions of pounds and employ top groundsmen to thoroughly care for their lawn every day.


With an Allett cylinder lawn mower you won’t be far off that desired Wimbledon look you have craved for so many years.

allett-regal-43We have two ranges of Allett mowers, the domestic and the professional range.

If you’re new to cylinder mowers and just starting off in big wide world of garden stripes then stick to the domestic range.

shaver-24_1The Allett domestic range starts small with the electric Classic 12E, ideal for general purpose and ornamental domestic lawns that you want to create the sought after striped effect on. This can be purchased for a jaw dropping £369.00!!!

This range goes all the way up to the Buckingham 30H which is more pricey at £3523.00 with plenty of features to show for it.

If you’re a commercial user and require an Allett machine from the professional range the initial investment made will reap so many rewards, and create so many beautiful lawns over and over again.

This range starts with the Shaver 20 for just £3799.00, and works its way up to the Regal 42 for £10,499.00!

These are the types of machines that would be used to keep spectacular lawns like Wimbledon and other sports grounds in such fantastic shape.

If you’re uncertain about anything, or would like further details, then call our highly experienced sales team now on 01263 820202 for helpful, friendly advice.

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