5 Top Quality Low Priced Rear Collecting Garden Tractors For 2017

4th July 2017

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If you are in the market for a new lawn tractor and have decided that you will collect the grass clippings, then a rear collecting garden tractor is the way to go. These tractors will collect up the grass clippings into a collection bag as you mow, which you then empty, either by a lever, button or by physically taking the bag off and emptying it. In some cases you will want to mulch the clippings as this provides vital nutrients back to your grass.

Built with collection as standard, our rear collect lawn tractor line-up consists of machines from top-brand manufacturers such as Honda, Mountfield, Efco, Stiga, Lawnflite and more – all featuring smart design and ergonomics and with a choice of cutting widths, engines and transmission types.

If you’ve read our previous blog you should have all the knowledge you need to make the best decision when it comes to purchasing your brand new garden tractor. It’s always a good idea to compare different products and make sure you are buying something that will do what you need it to. Remember we are always on hand to offer advice before you buy. To make things a little easier – we’ve chosen 5 excellent products from our range at www.justlawnmowers.co.uk. Each one offers great value for money, is built to last and offers updated designs and capabilities.

Mountfield 1530M Garden Tractor

Mountfield 1530M Garden TractorFirst we have this little beauty! The Mountfield 1530M Garden Tractor. If the gleaming red paintwork and faint purr of the Mountfield Series 7750 OHV engine isn’t enough to tempt you then you will no doubt be pleased to learn that if you buy from us you will automatically save £200! That’s right, the RRP may be £1899 but you can buy from us for just £1699.

This great garden tractor from Mountfield will arrive fully assembled and ready to use, along with its 5 year warranty. Featuring 5 forward and reverse gears and a generous 84cm/33” cutting width you really won’t be disappointed. The 240 litre collection bag makes this idea for medium sized lawns, and features an alarm to let you know when it is reaching full capacity. The twin bladed deck gives an improved finish and reduces the risk of scalping the grass.

You are well equipped to tackle varying lengths of grass thanks to the 7 pre-set cutting heights that range from 25mm to 80mm. User comfort has been given plenty of thought and you will soon enjoy the comfortable high back seat which is adjustable to suit the driver. The seat also features a safety switch which cuts out the engine if the driver gets off the machine when the blades are turning. You can also easily empty the collector without leaving your seat! The lever is positioned close enough for you to pull it whilst sitting down. The mulch kit is a useful accessory and this garden tractor is so efficient you will hardly notice the grass trimmings on your lawn after you have mulched them!

Keeping this Mountfield garden tractor clean is easier than ever thanks to the washing connector; simply snap on a hose, turn on the water, run the blades for a minute or two and the job is done!

Buy this very popular Mountfield 1530M Garden Tractor.from us here at Just Lawnmowers and get Start ‘N’ Go Premium Service and free delivery all for just £1699 (RRP £1899) – unbeatable value!

Or buy Deluxe Protective Cover + Start ‘N’ Go Premium Service for just £1719
Or buy Mulch Kit + Start ‘N’ Go Premium Service £1749
Or buy our best value bundle – S500 Garden Trailer + Tow Bar + Mulch Kit + Start ‘N’ Go Premium Service for the bargain price of just £1849!

Lawnflite Smart 703RT Garden Tractor

Next up we have this great Lawnflite Smart 703RT Garden Tractor, priced at £1699, saving you £300 off the RRP straightaway when you buy from us. Smart by name, and smart by nature! Not only does this garden tractor look “the business”, it delivers on outstanding design and technology.

This practical, robust garden tractor offers you a transmatic transmission that allows you to pre-select a gear and then just use the speed control pedal to control speed – some people find this easier than having to change the gears. This Lawnflite is quite good in small spaces, probably because the turning circle on this is pretty tight, meaning you can mow around garden obstacles with ease.

The step through frame makes it easy to get on and off. The cutting width of 92cm and a grass collector bag of 240 litres makes this Lawnflite very efficient to use. You can easily achieve a neat lawn thanks to the 5 position cutting-height. Tackle any length of grass easily. This garden tractor will serve you well for many years to come, as it really is as tough as it looks. Powered by a Briggs and Stratton 344cc engine you won’t be disappointed with its power and energy.

There are many accessories to buy alongside this Lawnflite garden tractor, such as trailers and covers. Please see our website for more details.

Buy this very popular Lawnflite Smart 703RT Garden Tractor from us here at Just Lawnmowers and get Start ‘N’ Go Premium Service and free delivery all for just £1699 (RRP £1899) saving you £300 – unbeatable value!

Cub Cadet CC714TC 30″ Rear Discharge Garden Tractor

Up next, straight from our HOT SELLERS club we have the Cub Cadet CC714TC 30″ Rear Discharge Garden Tractor. Buy from us for just £1799.

Featuring a generous cutting width of 76cm/30” and a Cub Cadet single cylinder petrol engine, this garden tractor is both hardworking and efficient. The 7-speed transmatic transmission will allow you to change gears as on the go. Despite the single blade the grass cutting ability is second to none, thanks to the innovative fan assisted deck which increases the airflow and increases the grass collecting efficiency.

Users will be pleased to note that the turning circle on this is just 46cm/18” which is pretty good and quite a lot smaller than similar garden tractors. The step through chassis makes it easy and safer to get on and off as well. You will see there is an integral tow bar, this will allow you to use all Agri-Fab trailed equipment which makes this garden tractor totally worth every penny.

Another handy feature is that you can easily operate the grass collector from the seat, but you can also lift it off if that suits you better. It holds 200 litres of grass just another highly efficient and handy feature.

Buy this versatile Cub Cadet CC714TC 30″ Rear Discharge Garden Tractor from us here at Just Lawnmowers and get Start ‘N’ Go Premium Service and free delivery all for just £1799 including our Start n Go service and free delivery. See below for all the details on our fantastic Start n Go service. You won’t be disappointed!

Efco EF84/14.5KH Garden Tractor

Ok so up next we have the slightly more expensive Efco EF84/14.5KH Garden Tractor. Priced at £1899 saving you an incredible £496 if you buy from us here at Just Lawnmowers. But hurry – this popular product won’t be with us for long at these prices!

The Efco brand brings you this great garden tractor that combines ruggedness, reliability, mowing performance and high load capacity. The twin blade 84cm 33″ steel deck gives you the cutting and collection performance of larger machines, whilst offering reduced turning radius for those awkward turns and twists in tight spaces and garden obstacles. Giving you the versatility to maintain a large garden and still navigate those garden benches and different terrains.

With a cutting width of 95 cm (37″) and a generous grass cutting bag that holds 240 litres you will soon find this garden tractor to be very efficient – together with its 432cc Emak K 1450 AVD engine you will enjoy excellent results with very little effort on your part. Easy to operate and comfortable to sit on you will soon wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner!

Easily operate the 7 height cuts from a lever from the driver’s seat, and the magnetic clutch operated blades are controlled by a switch on the dash board. Enjoy the same technological solutions adopted in other professional models, combining performance and comfort into something extremely enjoyable!The water hose connection system means you can clean this garden tractor out in no time at all, and as this machine has been built to last you will enjoy many years of trouble free mowing.

Buy this rugged and high performing Efco EF84/14.5KH Garden Tractor from us here at Just Lawnmowers and get Start ‘N’ Go Premium Service and free delivery all for just £1899 (RRP £2395) See below for all the details on our fantastic Start n Go service. You won’t be disappointed.

Stiga Estate 3084 H Lawn Tractor

If you’re looking for something to cope with your paddock or your orchard or your nicely landscaped garden and you’ve got about 2 acres then look no further! The Stiga Estate 3084 H Lawn Tractor is the workhorse you’ve been waiting for! This garden tractor has brains AND beauty, and is really built to last you for many, many years. You can buy this from us for just £2099 saving you an incredible £200!

This Stiga estate comes with free mulch kit and tow bar and will arrive fully assembled and ready to use. It features a hydrostatic transmission and you can choose between collecting and mulching. It offers a generous 84 cm (33″) cutting width along with a grass collector with an alarm to warn you it is getting full. You can also empty the grass collector from the seat, which is adjustable for added comfort.

There are seven preset cutting heights, ranging from 25mm to 80mm, and these too can be easily selected by using the handy lever located conveniently at the side of the seat. Engaging the cutter deck couldn’t be easier; you just have to pull the control switch for “On” and push it for “Off”. This is a really high specification garden tractor and offers many features such as a tight turning circle for increased manoeuvrability with very little effort. A tow bar and mulching plug are included in the price making this product excellent value for money.

Buy this expertly designed and high performing Stiga Estate 3084 H Lawn Tractor from us here at Just Lawnmowers and get Start ‘N’ Go Premium Service and free delivery all for just £2099 (RRP £2299) See below for all the details on our fantastic Start n Go service. You won’t be disappointed!

We hope you found this blog useful, if you have any questions or wish to purchase one of these excellent garden tractors please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team on 01263 820202 or visit our website at justawnmowers.co.uk.

You can also view our entire range of rear collect tractors here.

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