5 Side-Discharge / Mulching Garden Tractors for Summer 2017

Well it looks like Summer is in full swing so if you can drag yourselves away from your Pimms on the lawn or that obligatory game of croquet with the in-laws then we want to tell you why your lawn could benefit from buying a side discharge garden tractor.


Some ride-on mowers collect the grass clippings, while others mulch them back into the lawn. Lawn tractors with side discharge decks are ideal for longer grass in wilder areas such as overgrown gardens, orchards or meadows. The deck discharges to one side of the ride-on (see image right) and handles damp or wet grass very well.

When you hear mulching you might think of unsightly lumps of grass cuttings left on your lawn to rot down, but that is not the case at all. These mulching garden tractors cut up the grass clippings so finely and neatly you will hardly notice them at all. And you will be improving your soil as it decomposes, and returns vital nutrients back into your lawn.

You can also work quicker as you don’t have to stop to empty the grass collector. Over the course of the cutting season you will see a marked improvement of the quality of grass as it grows. This process is the most natural fertilization for your lawn, it won’t cost you anything and actually saves you time as well. To achieve barely there grass clippings you will of course need to mow regularly.

We have listed 5 garden tractors below that offer a mulching feature, so please keep reading for more information. Here at Just Lawnmowers you may find we differ from other companies, we don’t simply want to sell you a product, we want you to buy a product from us that does all that you need it to. We offer impartial advice and hope that you will buy from us because we have such a vast knowledge and a desire to offer excellent customer services.


MTD 96 Side-Discharge Garden Tractor

MTD 96 Side-Discharge Lawn Tractor

Up first we have our cheapest mulching garden tractor, the MTD 96 – this might be the cheapest but it really does offer excellent value for money, and if you buy from us it will cost you just £1399 (saving £200 off the RRP).

This fantastic MTD garden tractor will arrive fully assembled and ready to use and offers you transmatic transmission and a generous cutting width of 38″ / 96cm. Featuring a 14 hp MTD 420cc engine, this garden tractor is ideal for larger gardens or even paddocks. When you use the mulching plug on this product you will find it leaves a very neat finish on your lawn. The twin bladed cutter deck is ideal in all situations, and is well equipped to cope with un-loved lawns and long grass. The innovative shift-on-the-go transmatic transmission allows a smooth acceleration from neutral to a top speed even when “on-the-go”. The 5-stage cutting height ranges from 30mm up to 95mm which should suit a variety of conditions. If you look at the photograph you can see the the chassis allows you to get on and off with ease. This is a practical and robust garden tractor which will allow you to work hard in all conditions and is smooth and quiet.

  • Start N Go Premium ServiceFeatures our exclusive Start N Go Service!
  • Delivery is free of charge to most UK mainland postcodes.
  • Buy this lawn tractor and receive a free mulch kit (worth £49.99)
  • Buy from Just Lawnmowers for only £1,399.00 RRP £1,599.00 | SAVE £200.00 (13%)
  • And get a FREE ITEM: Mulch Kit (worth £49.99)
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Mountfield 1538M-SD Side-Discharge Garden Tractor

Mountfield 1538M-SD Side-Discharge Lawn TractorThe second one we’d like to tell you about is one of our most popular sellers, read on and find out why! One look at this Mountfield 1538M-SD Side-Discharge Garden Tractor should tell you many things, firstly it is built to last. Incredibly sturdy and robust it comes with a mulch kit and tow bar as standard. If you know anything about Mountfield, you will already know that quite a lot of features also come as standard! A five year warranty for example.

We love the fact that this garden tractor offers an on-board wash facility and head lights. Great for when you just need to finish a job and the light is fading. If you are on top of your grass cutting then the mulching feature allows you to cut the grass and recycle it back onto your lawn, allowing the nutrients back into the soil to keep your grass healthy and looking good and the efficient cutting process means you will hardly notice the grass cuttings on your lawn. If you are cutting longer grass the mulching tool works in the same way except the long grass will be cut and returned to the lawn to wilt naturally, and this is still a good way of fertilizing the lawn.

Mulching function

Expect plenty of power thanks to the single cylinder 452cc Mountfield Series 7750 OHV engine, and it features a manual transmission with 5 forward gears plus reverse.  Fitted with a 98cm/38″ working width cutter deck with side discharge or mulch options and 7 settings for the height of cut from 25mm to 80mm. This fantastic garden tractor will suit gardens of up to about 2.5 acres.

  • Features our exclusive Start N Go Service!
  • Delivery is free of charge to most UK mainland postcodes.
  • Buy this lawn tractor and receive a free mulch kit and tow bar
  • Buy from Just Lawnmowers for only £1,449.00 RRP £1,649.00 | SAVE £200.00 (12%)
  • And get a FREE ITEM: Mulch Kit and Tow Bar
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Murray MSD100 Side-Discharge Garden Tractor

Murray MSD100 Side-Discharge Lawn TractorOur third garden tractor that is very popular here is the Murray MSD100 Side-Discharge Garden Tractor. This will arrive fully assembled and ready to use. It comes with a free mulch kit, offers side discharge and features a powerful, reliable Briggs & Stratton Intek™ Series 4175 OHV, AVS® engine. Easy to operate you will soon feel at ease with the Hydro-Gear® Hydrostatic Transmission and the generous cutting width of 102 cm / 42″ cutting width will mean you will power through your mowing in no time at all.

The Hydro-Gear and hydrostatic drive and cruise control make this garden tractor very easy to manoeuvre and a pleasure to cut the grass with. It also features an adjustable seat providing a nice comfortable ride as you work. This robust machine has a cast iron front angle with 15″ front tyres and 20″ rear tyres. It looks practical and hard working, and it is just that.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Double cutting blades can be adjusted to 7 cutting heights (from 3.8 – 10.2 cm). A side discharge deck is designed to deposit the grass cuttings in neat lines following the mowing path. The cuttings will then wilt back naturally. This type of grass mowing is the recommended option for longer grass areas. You will be pleased to note that the cutter deck is cleverly fitted with special anti-scalp wheels to protect the turf over uneven ground.

  • Features our exclusive Start N Go Service!
  • Delivery is free of charge to most UK mainland postcodes.
  • Buy this lawn tractor and receive a free mulch kit (worth £49.99)
  • Buy from Just Lawnmowers for only £1,899.00 RRP £1,649.00 | SAVE £100.00 (5%)
  • And get a FREE ITEM: Mulch Kit
  • Comes with a limited 3 year warranty
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Stiga Tornado 3108 H Multiclip Side-Discharge Lawn Tractor

Stiga Tornado 3108H Side-Discharge Lawn Tractor4th on our list is another popular garden tractor. The Stiga Tornado 3108 H Multiclip Side-Discharge Lawn Tractor. You will soon appreciate the powerful,  well built and low maintenance cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine with its hydrostatic transmission. Fitted with a tow bar and a 108cm/42″ working width cutter deck, with 7 heights of cut from 25-80mm, this garden tractor is easily suited for lawns up to 2.5 acres.

The Tornado 3108H is sturdy and compact, and if you are tackling long grass, the side discharge option will efficiently cut and spread the grass so it can be left to wilt naturally. For those areas that are being mown on a more regular basis the mulching function will cut and re-cut the grass into the smallest particles that will easily disappear into the turf, returning valuable nutrients to the soil, and leaving you with an ultra neat finish.

Mulching can be a great feature. It saves you time and cutting the lawn can be more than 30% quicker as there is no need to stop to empty clippings, which also results in a significant fuel saving. You may well ask “Will I see the mulched grass?” and the answer is “No!” Mulched clippings are blown down into the turf and are not noticeable, provided the grass is cut regularly and not on the lowest setting. You have the option of using a tow bar, making this highly efficient garden tractor very versatile and useful. Recommended for lawns of up to 2.5 acres.

  • Powered by Briggs & StrattonFeatures our exclusive Start N Go Service!
  • Delivery is free of charge to most UK mainland postcodes.
  • Buy this lawn tractor and receive a free mulch kit and tow bar
  • Buy from Just Lawnmowers for only £1,949.00 RRP £2,099.00 | SAVE £150.00 (7%)
  • And get a FREE ITEM: Mulch Kit + Tow Bar
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty
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Viking MT4097SX Side-Discharge Garden Tractor

Mountfield MT4097SX Side-Discharge Lawn TractorLast up we have another highly valued product, the Viking MT4097SX Side-Discharge Garden Tractor. This product has been designed to be easy to operate and we couldn’t believe it when we first tried it, you literally get on and off you go! The seat is padded, adjustable and spring loaded giving you all the comfort you need. All the controls are within easy reach, and the side discharge feature means you can just mow without stopping to empty the grass collector. The cutting width of just 95cm means you can avoid obstacles and navigate down narrow paths with ease.

The operator remains in control at all times, and no matter how fast or slow you are moving you can enjoy the variable speed control, so you achieve the perfect cut no matter how what speed the mower is moving. Another great feature is the innovative forward/reverse drive switching – developed by VIKING ensures fast working. Thanks to the simple reversal mechanism, the driving direction can be selected using the drive direction lever. The hydrostatic gearbox is controlled via the drive pedal on the right. 8 cutting heights and a Mowing deck with 2-blade system gives you increased flexibility and excellent results even with longer grass.

  • Hydrostatic TransmissionFeatures our exclusive Start N Go Service!
  • Delivery is free of charge to most UK mainland postcodes.
  • Buy this garden tractor and receive a Free Mini S500 Garden Trailer (worth £139.00)
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  • Comes with a 5 year warranty
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We hope this blog was useful, but if you need more information please call our friendly team on 01263 820202. We have thousands of products on our website so please take a look and if you can’t see what you are looking for please use our search feature. Now, back to that game of croquet that I will no doubt lose!

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