3 New Garden Machines for 2017

Well 2016 was quite a year, we “quietly” introduced you to Lithium-Ion battery technology and we expertly guided you through the myriad of different lawn mowers and various other types of garden machinery. We gave you our expert opinions on battery, petrol and electric. We even launched a new website “cordlesspower.co.uk” which has just gone from strength to strength.

We may only be at the beginning of 2017 but we haven’t been resting on our laurels, no sir! We don’t hang around here at Just Lawnmowers, and we’ve already got some super new products for you, and we thought our blog was the best way to give you the lowdown. Of course you can always go straight to our website, or simply read on for a more in-depth impartial view.

We’ve got many new products but we thought we’d pick 3 of our favourites.

1. Lawnflite Smart L MINI RIDER 60SDE Ride-On Lawn Mower

£1199 inc VAT and free delivery

minirider60sdeWe chose this because it is the ideal step up from a walk behind mower. It is currently our cheapest ride on lawn mower. If you currently use a walk behind mower and are finding it all a bit of a strain, and the thought of switching to a ride on mower is a bit daunting, this mini rider is the ideal product for you. Its compact, built to be easy to operate and doesn’t require an awful lot of skill to get really fantastic results. We think it’s best feature is the Briggs & Stratton single cylinder engine! Why choose a Briggs & Stratton engine? Well, these engines give you commercial-grade power, easy starting and quiet operation as standard, and you don’t pay through the roof prices for it like you do with some other engines. They are built to last and require very little maintenance. If you’ve got a Briggs and Stratton engine, you’re good to go for many, many years. This is why they come highly recommended by us here at Just Lawnmowers.

If you have a large area to mow, a sit on mower is the ideal companion to make your work much easier. If you need to mow around edges and banks and flower beds, then this Lawnflite Smart Ride on Mower is going to make that job much easier, thanks to its compact design. Just by looking at the simplistic design of this ride on lawn mower you can instantly tell that it is going to be easy to operate. If storage space is at a premium then this is the product for you, thanks to its neat, compact design it stores easily. We must of course, mention the step through frame, which makes getting on and off a breeze and it features a more than generous cut of 60cm/24”.

Why buy a ride-on lawnmower?

Well the obvious answer is that they make a hard job much easier. Even if you’re used to a self propelled lawn mower, you’ve still got those awkward turns, and the bigger the space you are mowing, the more turns you have to make. You may think of it as a really big investment, a bit like buying a second car. But, if you choose wisely it is something that you will have for many years to come, if not decades. A mini rider such as the Lawnflite Smart L MINI RIDER 60SDE Ride-On Lawn Mower is the ideal machine if you’ve been using a lawnmower previously. Lots of people find mowing their garden tough, and if you’ve got even the slightest incline or uneven ground, or just lots of lawn and your current mower just isn’t “cutting it”, then investing in the Lawnflite Smart L MINI RIDER 60SDE Ride-On Lawn Mower could be the best decision you make in 2017!

Did you know? This product benefits from the Just Lawnmowers “Start n Go Service”. In a nutshell, it means we test, start and set up this product before we send it out to you, so it arrives at your address fully working and ready to go, you won’t even need any tools to get going! This is a premium service that you will get when you purchase this product from us here at Just Lawnmowers.

We always aim to bring you great products at fantastic prices so you will be happy to know that this mini rider is just £1199 inc VAT and free delivery  (RRP £1349.00), saving you £150.00.

For more details or to buy now, simply click here.

2. Mountfield S46R PD Li Rear Roller Cordless Lawn Mower

£649 inc VAT and free delivery

s461rpd-cordless-lawn-mowerHere at Just Lawnmowers we really like the Mountfield brand. Reliable, robust and well built, all their garden machines offer great value for money and excellent designs. If you’re new to gardening you may well ask, why buy a rear roller lawn mower? Well the rear roller is there to increase the stability of the machine; in layman’s terms that means that when you get up close to an edge or border you have better balance and less chance of your mower falling onto your flower bed, leaving you free to get as close as possible, and in most cases you won’t need a grass trimmer to trim up those edges. Another great feature of the rear roller is that you can achieve those Downton Abbey stripes! If you’ve ever looked on in envy at your neighbours perfect stripy lawn, the chances are they have a rear roller lawn mower. The secret is out!

The Mountfield S46R PD li cordless lawn mower gives you complete freedom from wires and fumes. Cordless power has come along way in recent years and now it easily matches petrol lawnmowers for power, and the batteries are designed to last as long as a tank of petrol so you won’t have any more interruptions to your work than you would with a petrol mower. One of the nice things about the battery operated machines is that you don’t have those awkward starts, simply push a button and off you go. We’ve all seen fellow gardeners struggling to get petrol lawn mowers goings, usually they start, but when they don’t it’s always inconvenient.

We carefully select our products, and this Mountfield S464R PD Li rear roller cordless lawn mower is no exception. We love the fact that despite being battery operated, Mountfield have incorporated a robust, powder coated steel chassis into this product giving the lawn mower strength and durability. If you’re not up to date with the benefits of Lithium-ion battery power, read our comprehensive guide here.

Why choose battery over petrol or electric?

If you’re wondering why you should choose a battery operated lawn mower over a petrol or electric one, then we can happily inform you that this is a much cleaner, easier way of gardening. Once the battery is fully charged you simply slip it into its casing on board the lawn mower and you are good to go at the touch a button. The battery will last you up to an hour, plenty of time to give your garden the Downton Abbey makeover! Integrated grass combs and 5 Cutting heights range from 20-70mm ensure you achieve a nice neat finish.

We can offer you this machine at a great price of £649 inc VAT saving you £50 from the RRP when you buy from us here at Just Lawnmowers.

For more details or to buy now, simply click here.

3. Hyundai HYLS7000H Electric 2200w 7 tonne Horizontal Log Splitter

£362.00 inc VAT and free delivery

hyls7000h-011Well there’s nothing we like better than donning our woodcutter shirts and splitting a few logs at the weekend! And what better product could there be to do the job of that trusty axe, than the Hyundai HYLS7000H 7 tonne electric log splitter. Ideal for those domestic users looking to cut down larger logs into a more manageable size. Thanks to its electric power, rather than petrol it reduces the noise which makes it a much more user friendly (and neighbour friendly!) machine. Perhaps surprisingly for an electric model it offers an outstanding 7 tonne cutting pressure which means you can cut through even the largest collection of logs quickly and efficiently. You’ll have that woodburner going in no time at all!

The handle and wheels ensure you can move this log splitter into place easily and store away with little or no hassle at all. We love Hyundai – they always surprise us with their designs and seem happy to think outside the box, and that is apparent is this compact design, made especially to make it easy to store away, so you won’t take up too much space, and isn’t space always at a premium in the shed?

When we said this was powerful, what we didn’t mention was that this horizontal log splitter is powered by a maintenance-free 2200w, 230v/50Hz electric motor, which gives the operator reliable, quiet, fuss free working. It’s clever two handed operation gives you extra safety, and it is perfectly capable of splitting logs up to 320mm in diameter and 520mm in length.

Why buy a horizontal log splitter?

Horizontal log splitters are usually more compact, cheaper and ideal in domestic situations. But if you are wondering if you need a log splitter at all, then think back to the last time you chopped a large amount of logs using just your bare hands and an axe. You may have felt like Conan the Barbarian at the time, but think of the strain on your back, arms and shoulders. There must be easier ways to pump those biceps? There’s certainly an easier, faster way to split those logs!

The Hyundai HYLS7000H log splitter won’t break your back, or the bank either! It is moderately priced at just £362.00 inc VAT and free delivery, and that’s a huge saving of £107.00 from the RRP, if you buy from us here at Just Lawnmowers.

For more details or to buy now, simply click here.

Well that’s a small proportion of our brand new products, please check out our website for more new products or simply browse. If you think you’re ready to buy or simply need any more information about any of the products on our website feel free to contact our experienced team on 01263 820202 who are always willing to advise and help.

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