3 Great Cobra Battery Powered Cordless Lawn Mowers


Buying a new lawnmower can be a tricky business. With so many brands and different types to choose from, where on earth do you start? If you’ve landed at our blog, chances are you are prepared to do your homework, and for that we salute you! Getting your purchase right from the very beginning can result in a lifetime of happy gardening.

Feel free to browse our site, there’s plenty of information to help you choose the product you need, or failing that, call our friendly team who together with their wealth of experience and excellent customer service skills, can easily guide you to the right purchase.

We always celebrate our favourite tried and tested brands, but we also like to keep our eyes peeled for anything else that may be remarkable, or a brand that really stands out. One such brand, formed in 2014 is Cobra. Whether or not you’ve heard of it, we can happily inform you their products are designed in the UK and are specifically aimed at coping with the British elements. Not only that, but they are built to last, expertly designed using the latest technology and really look the business as well.

If that’s not enough for you, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that Cobra offer a wide range of garden machinery to suit your every need. That’s including lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws, brush cutters, pole pruners and multi tools. At the very heart of their business however, is a desire to offer British gardeners something to suit every type of garden, at great prices. The fact that Cobra chose to incorporate Honda engines into their range show us they mean business, and they are fast becoming strong rivals to the big well know brands.

Here we have reviewed 3 cordless Cobra lawn mowers that are available from us here at Just Lawnmowers.

Cobra MX4140V Cordless Lawn Mower

mx4140_largestJust Lawnmowers’ Price only £299 inc VAT.
That’s a saving of £25.00 from the RRP of £324.99

This Cobra cordless lawn mower offers you exceptional design and build quality, aimed at small to medium sized gardens it can cope efficiently with any gardening conditions you need to put it through. With a very generous 7 cutting heights you will easily take your grass from long to very short in no time at all. The Lithium-Ion battery cancels the need to find a power source or fill with petrol, giving you an altogether easier, cleaner way to work. The Samsung 40V Lithium-ion battery offers you a quiet, yet powerful and lightweight combination, and does not lose charge whilst in storage, making this Cobra MX41 40v cordless lawn mower easy to operate. Find out how low your battery charge is at the touch of a button, so you always know as you work how long you have until the next charge. This lawnmower is really lightweight to use even though it is hand propelled. Perfect for those small to medium gardens.

Cobra RM4140V Rear Roller Cordless Lawn Mower

rm4140v_angle2_new_largeJust Lawnmowers’ Price only £359.99 inc VAT.
That’s a saving of £25.00 from the RRP of £384.99

If you find it hard to know what sort of lawnmower you actually want, but you know that you want to create those stripey lawn effects, look no further because this lightweight easy to manage cordless lawnmower from Cobra features a rear roller which is very useful for getting the stately home effect on your lawn. Be the Jones family that your neighbours want to keep up with! Easily achieve those stripes and make your garden look extra special. Again this lawnmower from Cobra offers you a generous 7 cutting heights that range from 20mm for a super low finish and 75mm for those longer areas.
This machine is hand propelled but don’t despair, these machines are built to feel lightweight and be easy to manoeuvre.

As standard on these cordless machines you get the innovative 50l fabric grass bag. Ideal if you have a larger area to mow, not quite so many trips to the compost heap to empty your grass clippings! The fabric is cleverly designed to enable a strong free flow of air, which means the grass be better compacted, meaning you can collect even more grass. Just like the rest of this Cobra lawnmower the fabric bag is robust and built to withstand British gardening conditions.

Cobra MX46S40V 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

mx46s40v_new_large_1Just Lawnmowers’ Price only £459.99 inc VAT.
That’s a saving of £30.00 from the RRP of £489.99

No wonder this Cobra MX46S40V 40V Cordless Lawn Mower is a best seller. Here at Just Lawnmowers we always welcome innovative design and with Cobra you always get the feeling that they have thought of everything. This cordless lawnmower is part of the range from Cobra and each lawnmower represents excellent value for money. In today’s world where it seems everything comes from China, or at least abroad it is refreshing to know that these machines are expertly designed in the UK. They are not designed for the Global market (although we’re pretty sure they sell well anywhere) they are designed with British gardeners in mind. And with this in mind read on for our view on this Cobra MX46S40V 40V Cordless Lawn Mower.

Your Cobra lithium-ion battery will stay charged when not in use meaning your lawn mower is ready to go whenever you are. The 7 cutting heights ensure you of a neat finish, whatever length of lawn you start with, and you can choose to mulch, collect or discharge the grass cuttings. The 60litre grass collection bag is made from robust, breathable fabric which means the grass cuttings will be condensed down saving you lots of trips to the compost heap! Cordless power means no need for a power source and no more messing about filling with petrol! Altogether a cleaner, greener easier way to work.

If you still need more information please feel free to browse our site or call one of our team for a no obligation chat. We’re here for you all week!

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