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The end of January gives us slightly longer days, more growth in our garden and some exceedingly frosty mornings! Depending on whereabouts in the country you are, you may well have experienced some of those lovely crisp winter days, where there is a nip in the air but the sky is bright blue – reminiscent of those captivating summer days that every British gardener yearns for.

If you’re anything like me, on those bright winter days I am just itching to do something in the garden. So please don’t spend all of January and February dreaming of spring or summer – get wrapped up and get out there in your garden. As any diligent gardener knows there is a lot of work to be done to get your garden ready for spring.

I like to get out in the garden on those fresh sunny days, check all my ties and protections are still ok after any bad weather, and also top up any bird food and water. Coconuts are cheap at this time of time of year, and are an ideal food for many species of birds. Remember to wash it out of any residual milk – this will ensure that it stays fresh for as long as possible. Just cut in half and hang from a tree. Remember to give fresh coconut only, never cooked or desiccated. If you don’t have any bird seed you can put out rice grains, cooked or uncooked or uncooked porridge oats.

A few years ago I started keeping a diary of any gardening work I took on throughout the year, this is very handy as each month I can look back at what I did at this time of year, and decide if it’s a necessary job or not. We all need a memory jog now and then!

During these colder months, we really need to make our gardening jobs as easy as possible. We would all rather get those essential outdoor jobs over and done with and get back to our roaring fires, comfy sofas and try and forget about our gardens until the bad weather is gone! We don’t think you’ll be interested in lawn mowers just yet, but we do think those garden multi-tools that we sell here at Just Lawnmowers could come in very handy this time of year. If you’re still just about managing with a pair of long reach secateurs and still oiling up your saw this time of year, then you really must consider making your life a whole lot easier with a set of multi-tools which can take on all those important but time consuming jobs. If you haven’t heard of our new favourite brand Cobra, read on for something very interesting.

Cobra Multi Tools

It’s not often we go wild about a new brand, but we believe Cobra have really set out to provide us British gardeners something that has been designed especially for our typical gardening conditions. You’ll be pleased to know their products have all been designed in the UK. We know you might not yet be ready to invest in a lawnmower or other large garden machinery, but you can’t go wrong at this time of year with a multi-tool to tidy up your garden in time for spring. Cobra petrol multi-tools are packed with innovative features to help you create the perfect garden with the minimum of effort. Purchasing one of these multi – tools ultimately saves you money, and space, whilst offering you the chance to tackle a vast range of jobs around your garden.

Cobra MT270K Multi Tool

Cobra MT270K Multi ToolSpecial Just Lawnmowers price of £499.99 inc VAT
Saving our customers £45.00 from the RRP of £544.99

Why buy the Cobra MT270K Multi-tool? Well for starters you get four fantastic machines in one. You get a grass trimmer, brush cutter, pole pruner and a long reach hedge trimmer, powered by the efficient and powerful 27cc petrol Kawasaki engine. You also get an extension shaft as standard on this multi-tool.

The 2 stroke Kawasaki engine combines a state of the art engine and all the power you need. Reduced fuel consumption gives industry leading low emission levels. Better for the environment and better for you!

This Cobra MT270K Multi tool will enable you to achieve more effective cutting thanks in no small part to the heavy duty metal blade, which will make short work when you are tasked with clearing larger areas of shrubs or brambles. This makes this multi-tool ideal for the professional user. However domestic users will welcome the easy handling of this multi tool and the fact that all the tools are easy to change.

The high quality chainsaw and bar is 30cm/12” and is ideal for pruning trees. The hedge trimmer attachment offers a 62cm/24” double sided cutting blade with 30mm tooth spacing. You can easily adjust the head of this thanks to the innovative articulating head design, meaning your tool is as flexible as possible giving you great results whatever you are cutting. Easily and smoothly adjust the angle of the cutting blades through 180 degrees to suit your needs.

This Cobra MT270K Multi Tool features a single shoulder harness as standard, meaning you can work in comfort and lessens the chance of sprains or injury. Also comes with a two year warranty.

Cobra MT250C 4-in-1 Multi Tool

Cobra MT250C 4-in-1 Multi ToolSpecial Just Lawnmowers price of £299.99 inc VAT
Saving our customers £20.00 from the RRP of £249.99

Here at Just Lawnmowers we like to make sure we give our customers plenty of choice when it comes to garden machinery. We also give you honest reviews and as much information as you can handle! You may have noticed that this Cobra MT250C 4-1- Multi tool is significantly cheaper than the one featured above. Well the good news is there is not a huge amount of difference between the two.

The only real difference is the engine. Housed within this multi-tool you will find Cobra’s own brand engine which is a 2 stroke, just like the Kawasaki mentioned above but offers 25cc instead of 27cc. So, it is up to the customer to decide which engine suits their needs. Both are 2-stroke petrol, and both machines offer the same four excellent quality attachments. The 27cc will of course allow you work a bit faster and will deal with more extreme conditions. But if you don’t need to do a lot of work in your garden then you will be able to go with the cheaper option.

Harness and 2 year guarantee given as standard of course and when you buy from Just Lawnmowers you can be assured of getting our best price possible.

If you have made up your mind which of these excellent products is right for you, you can go ahead and order at our website right here at Just Lawnmowers.co.uk. And you can be assured of great customer service every step of the way, as we take great pride at taking the best care of our loyal customers.

If you need more information you can ring us here and speak to a member of our experience team. Telephone us on 01263 820202.

Alex is responsible for managing Just Lawnmowers website and blog. When not building websites he spends his time out walking in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside, gardening in his wild, sloping garden or enjoying a game of chess down at his local chess club!
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