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3 Recommended Petrol Blowers & Vacuums for Autumn 2017

12th September 2017

Well here we are – almost Autumn – and if you’re anything like us here at Just Lawnmowers then you are already lamenting the shorter days, the slight chill in the air and the damp mornings. The majority of gardeners love and loathe each season for various reasons. Personally I love a good autumn bonfire, […]

How to sow a lawn from seed

5th September 2017

If you want a perfect lawn but don’t want to break the bank then you can sow your own! This is called seeding a lawn, and there is really only one way to do it successfully. Follow our handy guide and you should see excellent results in no time at all. The first thing to […]

September Gardening Advice & Ideas

30th August 2017

Well September is here and already we are noticing shorter days, cooler evenings and the smallest hints of Autumn. This is a good time to give your grass that much needed maintenance, it still needs mowing but now is a good time to clear out any moss or weeds, and give those edges a really […]

How can I make the most of my small garden?

2nd August 2017

Well apart from telling you that you can still grow a very wide range of plants, flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and even trees in a small garden we thought it might be handy to give you a few ideas if you’re feeling a bit lacking in enthusiasm with your smaller than average garden. Firstly pots, […]

How can I keep my garden healthy while I am away on holiday?

28th July 2017

Here at Just Lawnmowers we are experiencing our busiest time of the year, but if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on holiday in the next couple of months you may be wondering how your garden will fare while you are away? Here we have some handy tips to ensure your garden looks as […]

What can I do to attract bees to my garden?

21st July 2017

Bees are pollinating insects which means they transfer pollen and seeds from one plant or flower to another. This is an essential stage of plant growth. Without it the plant would die or not produce any fruit. Bees pollinate 30% of our food crops. Pollinating crops by hand is slow and expensive So even from […]

5 Side-Discharge / Mulching Garden Tractors for Summer 2017

MTD 96 Side-Discharge Lawn Tractor
14th July 2017

Well it looks like Summer is in full swing so if you can drag yourselves away from your Pimms on the lawn or that obligatory game of croquet with the in-laws then we want to tell you why your lawn could benefit from buying a side discharge garden tractor. Some ride-on mowers collect the grass […]

5 Top Quality Low Priced Rear Collecting Garden Tractors For 2017

4th July 2017

If you are in the market for a new lawn tractor and have decided that you will collect the grass clippings, then a rear collecting garden tractor is the way to go. These tractors will collect up the grass clippings into a collection bag as you mow, which you then empty, either by a lever, […]

What do I need to know before I buy a garden tractor?

30th June 2017

Garden tractors are now more popular than ever, and that could be because they are now more affordable than ever before or it could be because the latest designs means they are suitable for more compact gardens. Once you’ve used a garden tractor you will never want to return to your trusty lawnmower. Easier to […]

Top ten budget lawn mowers for Summer 2017

26th June 2017

Well the hot weather has not lasted in our part of the country, but today the sun is out and the birds are singing so we can’t or rather shouldn’t complain much. Here in Norfolk we are gearing up for the show of the year, that is, The Royal Norfolk Show, where everything that is […]