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Allett cylinder lawn mowers are renowned for their robust build quality. Their uncomplicated design and ease-of-use means they continue to set the standard for walk-behind mowers. They are designed to produce a superb finish on all regularly-maintained grass surfaces from the finest golf and bowling greens to sports fields and stadiums, public parks and gardens, amenity areas and ornamental lawns. Many Allett petrol cylinder lawn mowers are backed by an extendible 2 year warranty. (See individual products for details.)

Our Opinion - "If you want a beautiful lawn to rival the best bowling green you've ever seen, you can't do better than an Allett cylinder mower."

Allett cylinder lawn mowers since 1965

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About Allett

Allett are a wholly British-owned company who take great pride in their heritage. They’ve specialised in the design and manufacture of cylinder lawn mowers for 50 years and are incredibly well known for producing machines which create beautiful ornamental lawns and perfectly cut sports turfs.

Horticultural engineer and company founder Reg Allett, created the first 36” cylinder lawn mower prototype in 1965 which soon become the professional groundsman’s mower of choice. The distinctive black, silver and gold livery of Allett machines is now recognised throughout the world.Throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s the 20”, 24”, 30”, 34” and 42” models followed and by early in the new millennium the professional range, which was suitable for golf and bowling greens, sports stadiums, cricket wickets, and private parks and gardens, was launched too.

In August 2007, Allett was acquired by the privately owned Turfmech Group , and their production moved to Turfmech’s state-of-the-art manufacturing centre in Hixon, Staffordshire. This gave them top-of-the-range materials to work with and expand the brand entirely. In May 2011, Bosch Lawn and Garden granted Allett the manufacturing rights to Atco and Suffolk Punch, the former petrol and electric pedestrian cylinder lawn mowers. These have now formed the new Classic and Expert green and gold lawn mowers. Thanks to the addition of the Classic and Expert ranges, Turfmech are now the biggest manufacturer in Britain of petrol-engine cylinder lawn mowers.

Allett cylinder lawn mowers cut grass using a series of sharp rotating blades as opposed to a basic rotary blade. A scissor-like action where the cutting cylinder traps blades of grass between the spinning blades and a static ‘bottom blade’ produces a crisp, clean cut which heals much quicker than it would with a rotary lawn mower, leaving healthier looking grass. Allett lawn mowers also produce the highly manicured ‘striped effect’ which is sought after all over the world.

The Allett brand of professional walk-behind cylinder lawn mowers are now market leaders within their sector. Their machines have been adopted by professional groundskeepers of rugby and football clubs, cricket clubs and even Wimbledon. Allett have even been chosen by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to supply machines for the upkeep of their immaculate cemeteries all over the world.